THERE is outrage among stallholders who still have not received a refund after a Christmas fair at a popular wedding venue was cancelled.

The craft fair was supposed to take place at Maunsel House, near Bridgwater, on Saturday, December 4.

But after the event was cancelled last minute, stallholders still have not received any refunds and are struggling to get in touch with staff at the venue.

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A spokesperson for Maunsel House has said the event was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and that some further events are being cancelled due to 'renovations' at the site.

"The Christmas Fair was cancelled due to the current Covid-19/omicron situation, staff shortages and illness and out of concern for public health," the spokesperson said.

"It is correct that some events at Maunsel House have been cancelled due to renovations which are to be carried out at Maunsel House, which will enhance the future guest experience.

"All requests for further information arising from any cancelled bookings are being dealt with."

Bridgwater Mercury:

However, last month Maunsel House reported on their Facebook page that the cancellation of the fair was due to a 'fire inspection report', which required changes to be made to the venue.

Stallholders who were planning to attend the fair paid £60 for an outside stall and £70 for one indoors, and are concerned they have not yet had a refund or heard from staff member at the venue.

Chloe Underwood from Chloe's Creative Cakes, one of the stallholders, said: "Like lots of other stall holders, I paid £70 for the Christmas Fair back in October.

"I then found out through Facebook a week before the fair that it had been cancelled, I did not receive an email from Maunsel House until later on the next day.

"I have been contacting them ever since to request my refund with no response. As I'm sure you can understand, £70 is a lot of money for a small business to lose!"

Another stallholder, Jo Stephens from Coombe Crafts, added: "The lack of communication has been awful and they still have all our money.

"It's really poor. I don't know what has gone on but it seems that they've taken our money knowing there may be problems and seem to have just cut all communication to avoid refunding everyone."

One of the stallholders was sent an email from a staff member who used to work at Maunsel House as part of the events team.

The email stated: "Unfortunately I have had some bad news and have been told I am no longer required to work at Maunsel House for the winter as a cost saving measure by the owner with immediate effect, this is the same case for my other colleagues in the office as well."

When questioned by the County Gazette about staff being let go, Maunsel House failed to provide a response.