GUESTS enjoyed a rock afternoon in Bridgwater on Saturday (January 8).

Southwest Heavyfest, a subdivision of the Rock Against Cancer events in Somerset, took place at The Cobblestones.

All profits from the event are donated to Love Musgrove.

Event organiser and promoter, Max Barter, said: "Over the years we've managed to raise over £1,600 just from our little events with massive help from the supporters and of course the brilliant venue, The Cobblestones - a venue that has since felt like home for us and many others in the alternative music scene.

"Whilst we gear up for our big SWHF weekend event on April 30 and May 1 of this year, we were happy to raise over £100 in profits from our January Warmup event which saw Bristol headliners, Embodiment, fill the room with energy and love from hungry music fans.

"The lineup consisted of seven other bands who all contributed to the success of the event and are definitely worth checking out; Hounds, Perdisian, Fissure of Riddles, Cranial Separation, Unburier, No Worth Of Man and Embolectomy."