CLARKS is calling on the union to take claims of intimidation and harassment 'seriously'.

The shoemaker is urging Community to take action against 'multiple instances' of intimidation, harassment, threats and abuse directed towards Clarks employees.

Many of the workers are on strike after proposed changes to employment terms and conditions, with unions branding the move a 'fire and rehire' scheme, which sees employees told to accept new conditions, or face being sacked.

If they accept them, they are 'rehired' under the new conditions.

Unions say the Clarks scheme would see many workers receive a cut in pay, an increase in working hours, cuts in sick pay and a reduction in redundancy entitlements, among others.

Workers voted to go on strike on October 4. The workers currently on strike, their families and their supporters marched through Clarks Village on Sunday, November 13.

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And Clarks says this action has resulted in abuse towards current employees, who are still working at Westway.

"Multiple employees have come forward to report that they have suffered abuse from the picket line when attending work, some facing violent threats and homophobic abuse," said a spokesperson for Clarks.

"Many of those that remain on strike have also raised concerns that they would like to return to work but are afraid to do so due to threats and intimidation.

"Clarks has initially raised these concerns informally with Community but is disappointed that the response has been to do nothing, and downplay, ignore or dismiss the genuine concerns of our employees and their own members.

"As a result, Clarks calls on Community to take these claims seriously and ensure the abuse and intimidation stops, appropriate action is taken to ensure a safe and lawful picket, and to make a commitment that those that wish to return to work can do so without intimidation and in a safe environment.

"A majority of the current workforce at Westway is still working, and whilst we appreciate that this is a challenging situation, that is no excuse for our people to be abused and feel unsafe attending their place of work.

"These incidents are unacceptable, and Clarks condemns them in the strongest possible terms."

Community said they are continuing to act in 'accordance with the law' regarding their ongoing dispute with Clarks.

"88% of workers voted to go on industrial action," said a spokesperson for trade union Community.

"The terms which Clarks are forcing on their workers will push them into financial destitution and even homelessness.

"The company are still pushing for their employees to accept far-reaching reduced conditions, with everything from a reduction in hourly wage, sick pay and annual holidays, to a removal of 10-minute coffee breaks and complimentary hot drinks.

"We have repeatedly attempted conciliation with Clarks, and implored them to come back round the table with us and reach a deal that is suitable for both worker and company. So far, these attempts have been fruitless.

"We urge Clarks to call off the diminishing of terms and conditions and reconsider this move. We remain ready and waiting for productive discussions on how we can succeed together going forward when they are.”