NO Time To Die is poised to give cinemas around the country the biggest opening since 2019, as ticket sales boom ahead of the release of the blockbuster.

However at the Scott Cinema in Bridgwater there still appears to be plenty of tickets left for Bond fans to go and see the film on its opening day.

The highly-anticipated James Bond film, which will be Daniel Craig’s final outing in the role, has currently got 27 show times at the Taunton Odeon today.

If you have time around lunch, the 12:30 viewing still has 101 spaces available.

In the early afternoon their 13:30 showing has 120 spots free, so you can guarantee yourself a good seat.

Obviously it is more popular tonight, however there is still some space for the 7pm showing and the 8pm slot is similar; still seats available.

The Cinema chain Odeon said it has already sold more than 175,000 tickets for the film in the two weeks since they went on sale and expects the film to be the biggest since the summer of 2019.

Carol Welch, managing director of the Odeon Cinemas Group said there is a big level of excitement for everyon's favourite spy.

"The popularity of this film franchise has seen even those previously reluctant to return to the cinema book their tickets.

“We are absolutely delighted to be able to re-immerse ourselves back into the community, providing a much-loved pastime, an entertaining experience and a chance to escape from reality.”

Despite that, it seems the people of Bridgwater are not quite as urgent to go and see the new bond.

Will you be heading to the cinema this weekend to see Daniel Craig's last hurrah?