A COUPLE in their 80s are outraged after their garden flooded and they have been left with excess water and debris for over EIGHT months.

Beryl and Ray Brown live on Stafford Road in Bridgwater, next to a fishing lake which is owned by Bridgwater Angling Society. The water, which is a foot above normal level, is directly behind their garden.

The couple’s garden was flooded for three months, and now there is rubbish and weeds left in their outdoor space, which they will need to clear up.

Ray has been doing his best to clear up the mess, but last time, he slipped, cut his leg and had to have stitches.

Bridgwater Mercury: Ray Brown ; Stafford Road, Bridgwater ; unable to accesss pathway to cut back reeds due to high water.

The couple say the clearing up is too much work for them and have asked Sedgemoor District Council (SDC) and the angling society to help sort the issue.

“As we are on the corner of the lake, all the weeds and rubbish flow down into our garden and last time the council cleared it, they took away eight foot of mud,” said Beryl.

“But it has been so long now it will be a lot worse. I am just so frustrated by the situation now – we complained about this so long ago and it has still not been sorted.”

Beryl and Ray also got in touch with their MP, Ian Liddell-Grainger. He said he has been in touch with the relevant authorities to try and help the couple.

Bridgwater Mercury: Ray Brown with rubbish left behind from flooding ; Stafford Road, Bridgwater

“I have been in touch with both SDC and the Environment Agency and as a result have been told this matter falls within the responsibility of the local drainage board,” he added.

“I have now taken the matter up with them and am awaiting their response.”

The Somerset Drainage Board Consortium said the lake leads into the River Parrett, which is controlled by them, and they regularly keep the pipes clear of silt which will help with flooding.

But they added that the angling club will be responsible for the debris and the levelling of the water in the lake, which is done using stoplogs.

Bridgwater Angling Society has been contacted for comment, but failed to get in touch with the Bridgwater Mercury before the deadline given.