THE FA has asked Bridgwater United and Brixham AFC to replay their FA Cup match - due to a problem with a refereeing decision.

In the 81st minute of the match at Wall Park Road, the referee showed a second yellow card to Jack Taylor.

Instead of being sent off, the referee sin-binned him, meaning he had to sit out for 10 minutes.

However, this rule does not apply in the FA Cup competition, and Bridgwater's coaching staff made that very clear during the incident, yet the referee insisted.



Bridgwater already had a red card in the match, so the sin-bin instead of a normal red card seemed strange to all.

CEO of Bridgwater United, Adam Murry, said the whole situation is bizarre and the club is disappointed.

"The referee lost the game before this incident. When it happened our staff told him it wasn't applicable in the FA Cup," Murry said.

"It's a shambles."

Bridgwater are still waiting to hear back the full details of the decision as they feel they won the game fairly.

"We are waiting now to hear back on a few things. If it is the final decision, if we do replay the game, is the red card suspension upheld? And just some more feedback really."

A very strange situation for both Brixham AFC and Bridgwater United, who both start their league campaigns this weekend.

We will make sure to update you with the full outcome.