RESIDENTS in Bridgwater are raising money for a young family after tragedy struck earlier this year.

Bartosz Baska, who lived with his family near Otterhampton, passed away suddenly one night in his sleep.

Bartosz, 42, left behind his wife Katarzyna and his children, Oskar, nine, and Gabriel, six, on March 28 2021.

Katarzyna said the post mortem has not yet concluded why Bartosz died, but it was a 'terrible tragedy'.

"My whole world collapsed," she said.

"We are completely alone in the UK, our whole family is in Poland.

"Bart was the man for whom I left everything in one day, packed up and followed him to England. Total madness - but it was love at first sight.

"In the place where we live, we are the only Polish family and I thought I was left alone with a whole lot of problems. However, it was not so."

Bridgwater Mercury: TOGETHER: Katarzyna, Bartosz and their two children

Bartosz's best friend set up a Go Fund Me page to help raise money for the family, so they didn't have to worry about money now that Bartosz has died and a business in Bridgwater stepped up to help raise money.

The Rocky Road Kitchen organised a cake sale and managed to raise more than £1,000 for the family.

"Many thanks to the Rocky Road Kitchen for what they have done for my family," added Katarzyna.

"Thank you for your support and commitment.

"I believed that I would not be able to go through this hard time. Despite the fact that I don't have anyone from my Polish family around, we are not really alone here.

"Angels surrounded us and they gave me new 'wings'. Thanks to them I'll be able to continue my journey through life and to carry my children on new wings of faith, love and hope."

To donate to Katarzyna, visit

Bridgwater Mercury: FAMILY: Bartosz Baska with his son Oskar