EVER wondered what the most popular takeaway choices are in Bridgwater?

Deliveroo - the on-demand food delivery service - launched in the town just under two months ago, and they have revealed data about residents' choices in those two months.

Saturday at 7.09pm is the most popular time for Bridgwater locals to order, with Mexican food the most sought-after, followed by Chinese.

The five most popular dishes ordered on Deliveroo were:

1. Quesadilla Cravings Box from Taco Bell

2. Spicy Munchy Box (ribs, chicken wings, spring rolls and more) from China Star

3. 'Special' Omelette from The Royal

4. Large Noodle Box from Noodle Brother

5. Giro from Akropolis Restaurant

Sixty per cent of the restaurants available for Deliveroo's Bridgwater customers are local independents, with the company aiming to create new revenue streams for homegrown culinary talent.

Deliveroo is set to continue adding new local restaurants, takeaways and convenience stores to the platform over the coming months, with more details available here.