A GROUP of Somerset businesswomen are giving up their time for free to stage a four-part online event to encourage wellbeing in these unprecedented times.

Love Yourself from the Inside Out sees Eastern wisdom meet Western philosophy with talks by experts in their field.

A spokeswoman said: "As women we tend to help so many other people and forget to take time out for ourselves, leaving us feeling depleted, tired and lacking energy.

"If you could attend an event that gave you some keys for some of those important areas of your life to focus on, wouldn't that be awesome?"

Lorraine Stamp, through her own life experiences, has been helping transform and empower women to make sure they are taking good care of themselves and being truly self compassionate, as she suffered with a few severe burnouts and extreme stress a couple of years ago.

She wants to pass on key tools, techniques and lessons with you.

She is also offering her wealth of experts who will be sharing the most up to date and helpful concepts that will help you to feel more in control of your life.

The spokeswoman added: "Wellbeing is probably one of the hottest topics being talked about since the pandemic started in 2020, and even the corporate world is employing wellbeing coaches and leaders of wellbeing, as the cases of depression, stress, anxiety and overwhelm, having skyrocketed in these last 14 months."

The event runs every Wednesday in May from 7pm until 9pm - the last 30 minutes is for a social meet up, and to ask questions.

It is a ticket and will run virtually with access given on booking.

The launch session on Wednesday (May 5) is compered by a West End singer.

The evening will then focus on the first key areas - mind, body and colour, with Lorraine sharing some neuroscience of how our brain operates and how we can take back control to live a less stressful life.

Morgan Lane will be talking about the power, impact and benefits of yoga.

Louise Newton will help you feel amazing, comfortable and confident in your clothes everyday. She will share the power of just changing the colour of your clothes to change how you feel.

The second session on May 12 has Laura Shipp talking about the importance of gut health and how changing what you eat can change how you feel.

Sharon Inder will offer hair health tips and how changing your colour and style can impact how you feel.

Talu Sehar-Eckhoff will share a meditation about saying 'Yes to Life' and the benefits of bringing a form of meditation into your routine.

The third session (May 19) starts with Helen Heyns talking about environment and how living in a non-cluttered way can assist your health.

Aisling Magill will pass on her knowledge of photography and how we can make sure we are taking the best pictures, accentuating ourselves in a natural way, showing off our natural beauty.

Lorraine Stamp will explain about forest bathing and being out in nature.

The last session (May 26) brings the three previous sessions together with a coaching technique so that you can turn the power of this knowledge into action.

Lorraine will coach everyone at the same time without knowing what she is coaching you on - she has the ability to help you work through an idea to turn it into an action that will motivate you to take that next step.

There will be time to ask questions before being entertained by a singer.

The spokeswoman said: "It will be a time to recognise the journey you have been on and to celebrate your commitment and devotion to this event and for taking this time for you.

"You will be provided with an event guide that will highlight all the speakers, how to get in touch after the event, any event offers they have, space to take notes on the night from their presentation or to pop any questions you may have."

For details and to book your place go to www.youllknowwhenyougethtere.co.uk/experience