THE Covid-19 infection rate across Somerset has fallen noticeably in the latest figures released this afternoon (Tuesday).

The county council area saw a total of 73 positive tests in the latest 24-hour period, meaning there have now been 19.076 confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic.

The new confirmed cases are:

  • 20 in South Somerset, (which has seen an overall total of 4,986 confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic).
  • Somerset West and Taunton 17 new confirmed cases (total 5,787).
  • Sedgemoor 24 new confirmed cases (total 5,037).
  • Mendip 12 new confirmed cases (total 3,266).

The rates of infection in each district based on the latest rolling seven-day figures are:

  • South Somerset 55.2 per 100,000 people (down from 62.4 the previous day);
  • SWT 40.6 (down from 47.7);
  • Sedgemoor 82.8 (down from 96.6);
  • Mendip 60.6 (down from 65.8).

One person died in the county in the latest 24-hour period in Mendip.

The death toll since the start of the pandemic of people within 28 days of a positive Covid test in each district stands at - the figure in brackets is the death rate per 100,000 people:

South Somerset 146 (86.7);

SWT 198 (127.6);

Sedgemoor 151 (122.6);

Mendip 156 (135).