A BRIDGWATER woman said she has seen an increase in the amount of household rubbish on the town’s streets and more needs to be done to ensure streets are rubbish free.

Vicki Gardner said she has seen an increase in the amount of household rubbish on the streets during her walks along The Riverside and Salmon Parade despite regular rubbish collections in the area.

She said she frequently sees bins overflowing and thinks better procedures need to be in place to keep streets clean.

“The amount of rubbish on certain streets in Bridgwater has just got worse over the years,” Vicki said.

“When you walk down the street all you see is lots of black bags full of rubbish piled high on the street and bins overflowing. It’s not nice to walk past it.

“It’s especially bad on Salmon Parade and along the Riverside.

“The rubbish makes the street smell and makes the area look untidy.

“I know that there are regular collections in the area but I think Somerset Waste Partnership needs to change its strategy to get rid of this rubbish.

“I think if they built small buildings in small communities so that people could take their rubbish there our streets would be cleaner.”

Vicki said she also thinks landlords need to take responsibility for making sure their tenants have enough bins to keep rubbish in.

A spokesperson for Somerset Waste Partnership, said: “Until it is collected by our crews, householders have a duty of care over the waste they produce.

“We urge everyone to play their part in keeping their community tidy by keeping rubbish bins, black sacks and recycling containers well organised.

“Anyone making full use of the weekly recycling collections should not find their rubbish bin overflowing – extra boxes can be ordered, free of charge, from our website by anyone who finds they regularly need more space.

“Keeping recycling in its boxes can be tricky in windy conditions; stacking boxes and not putting it out too long before collection day really helps.

“Residents are also reminded to put no food in their rubbish, and to double bag any smelly waste.

“General street cleaning is the responsibility of the district council.”