THIS amazing world-first video shows the moment a Somerset wingsuit pilot jumped from the peak of Africa’s second highest mountain.

Tim Howell, 31, was the first man in history to fly a wingsuit from the top of a British mountain - and he decided to go one better.

Former Royal Marine Tim, and photographer Ewan Harvey, first scaled, then jumped from the daunting behemoth known as ‘Mount Kenya’ - at 4,883 metres - second only in height to Killimajaro.

After a gruelling climb the crew reached their jumping point, the summit known as ‘Point John’ - which stands at 750ft above sea level.

The adrenaline-filled footage shows Tim jumping from the summit in free fall before he opens his wingsuit.

This makes Tim the first person to perform a successful wingsuit jump from this mountain and make history for the second time in two years.

Tim, from Somerset, who recently moved to Geneva, said: “I was visiting this location to perform the first wingsuit BASE jump in the country.

“It shows the process and the access to climbing Point John a summit on mount kenya, and then jumping from it.

“There was lots of logistics to figure out to pull this off. We had to get acclimatised for the altitude and had to figure the best way up to the summit.

"We spent a day hiking around looking at the mountain from different views to see if it was definitely possible to jump. It was three years in the making."

Tim set the record for his wing jump off 1,032 metre Lord Berkeley’s Seat in Scotland in August last year.