A BUILDING company working near Bridgwater has quashed rumours suggesting plots on its new homes site are sinking into the ground.

Persimmon Homes South West, constructing houses on the new Stockmoor Grange development on Taunton Road, responded after claims were made to the Mercury that plots on the site were sinking and work was being halted as a result.

But Persimmon Homes South West denied the claim and told the Mercury the site is currently being surcharged to remove water.

Simon Perks, deputy managing director for Persimmon Homes South West, said: "Construction work is continuing as normal and I can report that there are no sinking plots at our Stockmoor Grange development.

"The site is currently being surcharged, which involves loading the land with stone to remove water and compressing the peat within the soil.

"The surcharging is being carried out in line with the structural engineer's requirements as part of the agreed planning agreement."