THIS is the amazing moment a murmuration of starlings formed the shape of a giant frog while they dodged a bird of prey.

Thousands of starlings swarmed together over a field after they spotted a marsh harrier bird coming in for the kill.

Keen photographer Paul Silvers realised the swooping mass of birds had unwittingly formed the image of a giant frog in the sky and quickly snapped the stunning shot.

It is believed that starlings often form murmurations to offer safety in numbers from birds of prey.

The marsh harrier in question can clearly be seen in Paul's photograph, taken near Ashcott, Somerset, flying just above the frog's right eyeball.

Proud Paul said: "I've been photographing the starlings on the levels for several years.

"Its always a spectacular and impressive sight to see such numbers murmerating over the reedbeds of Shapwick Heath Nature Reserve, morphing into constantly changing black shapes.

"Last season, the incredible shapes I saw in the sky on different occasions resembled an image of a dolphin, fishes and even a dog like the Aardman Animations' Gromit.

"But nothing prepared me on my last visit for the appearance of an enormous wide mouthed smiling frog, as a marsh harrier performed a dramatic dive into the flock in the fading evening light."

He took the photo on Monday (January 11).