TOPS Day Nurseries provides the early years care and education for your hospital staff children, and we want you to know that while we remain open to all children, we are having to close room after room as staff test positive (often with no symptoms).

We may have to close completely, imminently, due to lack of staff who are fit/allowed to work, which will of course be a major childcare headache for your staff and could prevent them working too.

We currently have no access to testing or inoculation, other than the access that the general public has, yet our nursery staff are in very close contact with the children, changing nappies, feeding etc, with no masks.

Schools, colleges, universities have already been sent free boxes of tests – why haven’t day nurseries?

Why do we keep being overlooked?

We have purchased additional thermometers, cleaning materials and a fogging machine, and risk assessments are in place, but we are experiencing a sharp increase in cases, and the government wants us to stay open.

Managing director
Tops Day Nurseries