A BRIDGWATER supermarket has teamed up with a number of community organisations to help families which have been struggling during the coronavirus pandemic.

Tracey Lowther, community champion at Bridgwater Morrisons, said since the pandemic Morrisons has invested £10 million into food pallets filled with food basics and it has been her job to distribute food to her local community.

During the first lockdown in March, Tracey worked with Bridgwater Foodbank and other community groups to distribute the food to the elderly and vulnerable as well as families that were struggling financially.

Tracey said: “I try to source food for these groups. I introduced grab bags into our store for customers who want to donate to community groups.

“They are filled with items the groups request. The customer picks it up and pays at the till then drops it into the donation area on their way out of store. That’s been really successful and stops the foodbank groups being overwhelmed with baked beans.

“As a store we are regularly supporting food providing programmes like the Trussell Trust, Sedgemoor Pantries, Westfield feeding the vulnerable initiative, Nelson Trust, Women’s refuge, Mental health groups like Rusty Road to Recovery, The amazing Hub in the centre of town and all the groups that use that space.

“We have been providing food for veterans breakfasts and the recent RBL lunch, cakes for fund raising and the Parents Support group.”

Tracey said the store has been continuing to support groups throughout the second lockdown and she feels privileged to be in the role.

He said: “It’s wonderful that Morrisons has invested money into the Community Champion role and that myself and my support champion Carrie Taylor are able to do what we do.

“Meeting the most amazing people who all have the same heart of wanting to help and make a difference where we live has been good for my own wellbeing too.

“We should all be proud of our community - it’s really pulled together in a very difficult time. I feel I have the best job in the world that’s enabled me to meet so many wonderful people and groups who are all working together to help others in our community.”