‘MY partner had a lucky escape, I don’t want this to happen to someone else.’

Those are the words of Liam Rose, who has hit out at Taylor Wimpey after an electric shower unit in his new home caught fire while his partner, Sammie, was inside it.

The couple moved into the property, in Westminster Way, in July and Liam said he was ‘appalled’ by the response that he got when he called Taylor Wimpey for help after the incident.

“As soon as I heard about it I came home. I’m just glad Sammie was not hurt,” he said.

“I am a plumber by trade, so I safely isolated the shower. I then called Taylor Wimpey’s head office on November 1 as an emergency. The woman I spoke wasn’t sympathetic, nor did she offer an apology.

“She just told me to call back the next day, when workmen were on site, and told me the incident didn’t warrant an emergency call out.

“So the following day I called back again and spoke to a lady who got in contact with Aqualisa, who provide the showers. They then called me and said they couldn’t come out until November 5 - four days after I first reported it.”

But Liam said the issue did not get resolved on November 5 and he was left without a shower for nearly three weeks.

He said he has not been satisfied with the response from Taylor Wimpey and he feels that the issue should have been resolved sooner.

“When the site manager showed up they had a plumber and an electrician with them,” Liam said.

“They looked at the shower and said ‘that’s bad, that’s never happened before.’

“They then asked for the whole shower to be removed and he took it with him so he could then deal with Aqualisa and find out what happened.

“Aqualisa then called back saying they needed the old shower at our house for when they came to refit the new one.

“The site manager was informed of this and on the day they arrived, we didn’t have the shower to give to them. They assessed the damage and said it needed fixing before they put a new shower up. Taylor Wimpey sent round a repair guy who then did the work.”

Liam said his shower was repaired on Friday (November 13) but he only received an apology from Taylor Wimpey last week, despite a number of phone calls and emails.

“The last thing we want is this to happen to others and think people in the estate who have recently moved need to check their shower and the positioning of it so it doesn’t happen to them,” Liam added.

A spokesperson from Taylor Wimpey Bristol said: “We were sorry to hear of the incident that occurred with Mr Rose’s shower and can confirm it is the first and only one of its kind. We have remained in constant communication with Mr Rose to organise repairs and can confirm all work to resolve the issue concluded on Friday. Mr Rose has also made us aware of a drainage issue at his property and we will continue to work with him to rectify this.”