THIS week, we've been taking a look through old photos of Bridgwater from our archives.

We've managed to find a few old pictures and match them up with the buildings there now.

Here's a few we managed to match up...

High Street, Bridgwater

Bridgwater Mercury:

We are not sure of the date of the older photo, can you help?

St Mary's Street, Bridgwater

Bridgwater Mercury:

The first picture of St Mary's Street is in 1865 - at least we still have the gorgeous church in the background.

Town Bridge, Bridgwater

Bridgwater Mercury:

The first picture is the town bridge in 1865, compared with today. Looks like we have just replaced the boats with cars!

Shops, Bridgwater

Bridgwater Mercury:

This beautiful building has had many uses over the years, can you remember all of them?

Here are a few pictures that we couldn't find updated photos of today. If anyone can find the buildings, please post in our Facebook Group, We Grew Up In Bridgwater.

Bridgwater Mercury:

This is Mrs Alexandra's School for Girls on Friarn Street, Bridgwater in 1860.

Bridgwater Mercury:

The Cardiff Arms was situated on West Street and closed in 1968.