RECENT cases dealt with by Taunton Magistrates' Courts include:

Rhiannon Sinead Fry, 27, of Regents Court, Bridgwater, assault by beating, 12 weeks prison suspended for 12 months, £200 compensation, £122 victim surcharge, £85 costs. (G).

Bruce Warboys, 60, of Quab Lane Close, Wedmore, drink driving, £346 fine, £34 victim surcharge, £85 costs, 18 months driving ban. (G).

Harrison Otley, 18, of Willoughby Road, Bridgwater, used threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, £230 fine, £34 victim surcharge, £85 costs. (G).

Maria Inez Nichol, 52, of Richards Crescent, Monkton Heathfield, theft, £80 fine, £150 compensation, £34 victim surcharge, £51 costs; breached a conditional discharge, no action taken. (G).

Edward Bovingdon Butcher, 33, of Trull, drunk and disorderly, 12 months conditional discharge, £22 victim surcharge. (G).

Joseph Thomas Yates, 47, of West Street, Bridgwater, drink driving, £160 fine, £34 victim surcharge, £85 costs, 42 months driving ban; driving without insurance, £160 fine; driving without correct licence, no separate penalty. (G).

Douglas James Hodge, 27, of The Avenue, Minehead, damage a window, £80 fine, £100 compensation, £34 victim surcharge. (G).

Paul Albert Brister, 54, of Ile Court, Ilminster, speeding, £100 fine, £32 victim surcharge, £85 costs, three points. (G).

(G) denotes guilty plea or admits offence. Details supplied by the courts.