A ONE-WAY system could be introduced into a Somerset town to help with social distancing.

At a meeting of Glastonbury Town Council (GTC) on Tuesday (October 13), councillors voted in favour of creating a one-way system through the high street for vehicles.

This system will mean the carriage-way can be narrowed so pedestrians will have more room to social distance.

GTC have made an application to Somerset County Council (SCC) Highways for the funding, and are now awaiting the outcome before they can put the system in place.

The one-way will be put in place on a temporary basis – just three weeks.

Cllr Liz Leyshon said: “Closing the high street is not an option at this stage.

“It is either try a one-way system on a temporary three week basis in the knowledge that it can be moved very quickly.

“We were told that the system could be removed at a days’ notice if it doesn’t work.

“It is about trying to find something that makes more space in the busier bottom half of the high street.”

The high street will be closed in one direction from Benedict Street, so vehicles will only travel up the road.

There will be two-way traffic down the high street to Archers Way.

Some councillors were not sure about the plan, as they were concerned about an increase in traffic and the disruption to the buses.

“It was chaotic for people trying to get buses when the street was closed,” said Cllr Sue Barnet.

“If we do have this system, then we do need to have some kind of temporary stop for the bus for the people who use the top of the high street stop.”

Cllr Steve Henderson added: “Benedict Street is a nightmare at the moment and this is going to send more traffic down there.

“I admire the attempt in getting a one-way system going, but it does throw up as many problems as it solves.”