A TRANSPORTER carrying a load of police vehicles was stopped on the M5 - by the police.

An unmarked Avon and Somerset car pulled the driver over after noticing them driving in an erratic manner for several miles on the motorway south of Taunton.

The transporter was "repeatedly" drifting onto the hard shoulder according to police.

The driver was also spotted using their mobile phone and followed down the M5 after passing through Taunton.

The driver was spoken to by officers from Avon and Somerset's road safety unit, given six points on their licence and reported.

They could face a fine of up to £2,000.

The police cars on the back of the transporter were being delivered to another force at the time of the incident at 2pm yesterday (Wednesday), between Junctions 27 (Tiverton) and 28 (Cullompton).

Officers took to Twitter to say: "Today's 'I don't believe it' moment.

"Transporter full of Police vehicles destined for another Force on #M5.

"Observed by #unmarked car to repeatedly drift onto hard shoulder over several miles.

"Driver seen on mobile phone. Stopped and reported. 6 points- Up to £2500 fine!"