A SOMERSET group is working hard to promote this year’s British Black History Month (BHM).

Appealing to schools, colleges, youth groups, services and businesses, Somerset Youth Parliament is encouraging people raise awareness of the cultures that define the county.

They are asking organisations to run events, quizzes, workshops or promote BHM on social media.

“I believe that BHM is a time to reflect and celebrate, to come together and to empower,” said Hannah Wittek, a member of the Somerset Youth Parliament.

“Black lives do matter and this should be emphasised among schools, services and public events so that any form of racism or inequality can be challenged and abolished.

“It is so important that we build equality into schools while young people are at a young age because they can change the future.”

Somerset Youth Parliament is an apolitical universal youth voice group, with a focus on equality, diversity and inclusion.

Councillor Frances Nicholson, Somerset County Council lead member for children’s services, added: “It is really good to see Somerset Youth Parliament and our young people promoting and supporting BHM.

“The history curriculum in schools – and elsewhere – needs to be as wide and diverse as possible so that it can speak to every student.

“Only by understanding our past can we be the society we want to be, and that means all of us need to know about all of it, not just some parts.

“Only with that knowledge can we build an equal society where all our diverse contributions are recognised and valued.”