A BRIDGWATER woman has hit out at the government after facing gridlock when trying to get tested for coronavirus.

Katie Newell told the Bridgwater Mercury she was 'livid' on Tuesday afternoon (September 21) following the debacle.

"I booked a test for 2.15pm and Tiverton was the nearest centre available," Mrs Newell said.

"It wasn't straightforward to get time off work but I managed to do so only to find gridlock when I arrived in Tiverton.

"The bookings from the government website had not been processing correctly with the QR codes and so I could not get tested.

"90 per cent of those queuing were in the same situation.

"I felt sorry for the poor guy at the testing centre."

Eventually Mrs Newell was left with no option but to turn the car around and head home to Bridgwater.

Mrs Newell said she felt the Government was happy to talk up figures about the number of people booking tests but said their words did not reflect the reality of the situation based on what she had seen.