A SCHEME to help men find work after the coronavirus pandemic has been set up in Somerset.

Sedgemoor District Council (SDC) launched ‘Sedgeoor4men’ to give people the chance to learn new skills, retrain, or be given advice on employment.

The programme follows a similar model to 100 Women First, launched by SDC 18 months ago to help redress the huge gender pay gap in the District.

Leader of the women’s programme, Caroline Derrick, said: “We knew there were many women in our communities who were either in low paid, part time jobs or not working at all but who wanted more for themselves and their families. They just needed help to achieve it.

“We have been able to give them the confidence, skills, competencies and resources needed to take those vital steps.”

Sedgemoor4men will give participants the opportunity to build support networks, share experiences, learn new skills and access resources.

The team will work with employers to encourage them to consider alternative recruiting methods, flexible working patterns, as well as to provide workshops for their employees.

If you think you or someone you know would benefit from the program, email info@underconstructionhq.org.uk or call 0300 303 7800.