A TRADE Union held a demonstration in Bridgwater today calling for action to support British Airways workers.

Unite the Union is calling on the local MP Ian Liddell-Grainger to back BA workers amid what the union describes as 'growing anger over the company's intentions to fire its workforce and rehire those that survive on inferior contracts'.

A spokesman for Unite the Union said: "MPs from across the political divide are calling for a review of landing and take-off slots in response to BA's project fire and rehire. Over 200 MPs have signed a pledge calling for government action but the Conservative Government have not yet acted."

Bridgwater Mercury:

Affected BA staff will be told they are either being made redundant, that they do have a role but will have to sign a new contract – most likely with lower pay and worse terms and conditions – or that they will continue in the same role with the same contract.

Unite executive officer Sharon Graham said: "Boris Johnson’s words of support for BA staff and his talk of 'jobs, jobs, jobs' is empty rhetoric unless the Government acts. There must be consequences for British Airways' decision to press ahead with its plans to fire and rehire its workforce in the middle of the worst health crisis in a century."

Bridgwater Mercury:

Unite the Union organised the demonstration which took place outside Ian Liddell-Grainger's Northgate office in Bridgwater before heading to the Blake Statue today (Thursday, August 13) at noon.

Bridgwater Mercury:

Dave Chapple of the Bridgwater Trades Union Council said: "Bridgwater TUC is calling on all Somerset trades unionists not at work tomorrow to support this demonstration."

However Conservative MP Ian Liddell-Grainger said he was surprised to hear there would be a demonstration given he had not received any correspondance from Unite, or any constituent affected by the British Airways restructuring.

"I have not had a single letter or email about this matter before this demonstration was announced," Mr Liddell-Grainger said.

"I won't be meeting with them due to the current coronavirus situation but had I received any notice I am sure we could have arranged a chat over Zoom or over the phone about the matter. 

"Bridgwater Trades Union Council know how to get hold of me."