Residents at Bridgwater's Rosary Nursing Home will be embarking on a ‘virtual’ cruise trip during a summer-long globe-trotting expedition.

The Rosary's residents and the team, playfully now known as passengers and cabin crew, are re-creating European holiday hot-spots throughout July and August.

Boarding passes in hand, the passengers of the Mayfield Drive cruise-liner will be enjoying a virtual holiday of a lifetime, where they will be exploring traditional flavours and cultures of eight far away destinations.

A spokesman for Sanctuary Care said: "From Italy and Cyprus, to Greece and Turkey, each week the cruise-liner will dock at a new destination, where passengers will enjoy excursions, including Portuguese port tasting and Azulejos tiles creating.

"Other highlights include turning their hands to sangria making in Spain, re-creating their own Monet masterpiece while they soak up the art culture in France and hosting their very own Maltese ‘Feast of St Paul Shipwreck’ festival.

"And all this will all be washed down with a taste tantalising three-course traditional menu at every port."

Explaining why her cabin crew are pulling out all the stops, captain Natali Edwards (the home's manager) said: “The Sanctuary Care Cruise is our opportunity to inspire and engage our fabulous residents, while transporting them away from Bridgwater.

"We are creating the perfect setting for our passengers to connect with new experiences but also reconnect with past memories."

Resident Mary Stone, aged 84, said: “There is no stopping us, it’s so wonderful. I’m loving all the food and the music. And I even took to the ship’s wheel and pretended to be captain - I secretly loved being boss!”