For this year’s online edition of the Bridgwater Quayside festival Somerset Film Creative Technologist Richard Tomlinson has created an interactive online game that you can feature in.

To take part, upload your best plinth poses at and they’ll be uploaded into the virtual town centre.

At the Quayside Festival on July 18 you will then be able to play the game where you will need to avoid pesky pigeons, find your statue, and place yourself on top of the fourth plinth.

Be sure to send them a few lines about why Bridgwater has decided to put up a statue of you. This could be based on real accomplishments, future plans of greatness or an entirely made up success story.

“This game is a great way to learn about the history of Bridgwater and the time traveller you are playing, whilst enjoying a fun and easy to navigate game. It’s entirely free to take part and a very rare opportunity to see yourself in the virtual world” says Alisa Čengić, assistant producer at Somerset Film who shaped the narrative for the game.

The deadline for submitting photographs is Wednesday, July 15. and the game goes live Saturday on Saturday, July 18.. The maximum file size if 2MB.