BRIDGWATER Carnival clubs have donated raffle prizes to good causes in the town.

The items had been collected ahead of the Old Folks Show, which was due to take place in March, but was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As many prizes for the free raffle had already been purchased for the popular show, it was decided to share the perishable items with the local community.

Arthur Leigh, president of Bridgwater Gangs and Features, said: “We had many raffle prizes lined up for this year’s show which was originally planned to take place at the end of March, and we didn’t want them to go to waste.

"So when we decided to cancel this year’s event, we were sure the senior audience would like to see the prizes being put to good use in these strange and unusual times, so we set about donating them to good local causes.”

Some of the items included boxes of biscuits which were given to various local care and retirement homes, and all of the chocolate and Easter eggs were donated to the Bridgwater Foodbank to support them in their continuing work.

The Bridgwater Gangs and Features Old Folks Show takes place annually, and is held to thank local pensioners for their help and support during the carnival season and to recognise those who have kept the carnival spirit alive over the years.

“We really missed seeing our senior audiences this year, and we do hope everyone is staying safe and keeping well. We look forward to seeing you all in 2021,” Arthur added.