A NEW community pantry project is being set up in the Sydenham area of Bridgwater.

The new initiative is looking to provide fresh and cupboard food to families for a fraction of the normal price, while helping the environment.

Set up by the Sedgemoor District Council's Community Services team in partnership with the charity FareShare Southwest, it is hoped the new pantry will open later this month.

FareShare work with large organisations to help 'bridge the gap' between food producers, supermarkets and landfill to ensure the fresh surplus food does not go to waste.

The food is delivered to the charity on a weekly basis and is all within its 'best before date'.

A spokesman for Fareshare said: "By choosing to become a member of the pantry you're saving perfectly good food from going to landfill while also saving money."

Sedgemoor District Council's Community Services team has provided the funding for the essential core costs of the pantry and it will be run by local volunteers to from the Sydenham Hub.

Each week members will get a weekly food box for £3.50, with the contents varying from week to week.

Usually you can expect a minimum of two of items of meat or vegetarian food, between one and three dairy products, some fresh fruit and veg and at least two items of store cupboard food.

Anyone Sydenham resident is welcome to join the local pantry project, although there is a limit on numbers due to fridge space.

Environmental Health regulations mean all refrigerated food must be transported in a insulated carrier bag.

These will be provided to members on their first trip, but must be brought back each time.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer on the Sydenham Pantry Project, or even have an interest in setting up a similar initiative in another part of Sedgemoor, contact project manager Liam Sweeney by emailing liam.sweeney@sedgemoor.gov.uk.