ROBERT Blake Science College's Year 11 students are now heading to the end of this academic year - and one student has been singled out by the school for his outstanding achievement.

Headteacher at RBSC Deb Loveridge congratulated Connor Mallows-Redman who went through five years at Robert Blake without having a day absent from school.

Ms Loveridge said: "We all know that regular school attendance is important for students to achieve and succeed and those who regularly miss school can often fall behind.

"Connor has undoubtedly demonstrated a commitment that only a very few get to realise.

"He has been a recognisable character throughout his time at Robert Blake and he has made some really positive relationships along the way."

Ms Loveridge said it was importance to recognise that attendance is a quality that employers rightly prioritise.

Ms Loveridge said: "I am delighted with Connor's achievement; five years without a single day absent is very rare and should be celebrated.

"We would also like to express our thanks to his parents and teachers who have supported and encouraged him to show such a commitment to attending school."