I WOULD like to say a few simple things that have come to light during these times of uncertainty.

While most people seem to adhere to the guidelines on social distancing, it's quite clear that some people have absolutely no idea what it means.

In our street, I can see people meeting up outside with very little, if any, distance between them.

The kids are running around playing and touching each other and the woman over the road thinks having several kids from different households in the back of her van is okay.

Considering we have had a Covid case in our street, I feel this is very irresponsible and quiet honestly, very stupid.

Please people, get real. We all need to follow the rules, it applies to everyone, not just a few.

People are dying every day and when it affects you personally it makes you realise how stupid it is to not social distance.

Please, please follow the guidelines, you're not the only ones missing contact with family and friends.