AT least some people are able to keep their sense of humour up despite all the bad news about coronavirus.

Victoria Whittlesea and her boss Rob Semple decided to have a bit of a joke at a colleague's expense as they worked from home.

Their workmate Ryan Kelly had appeared dressed smartly on their first Skype meeting from their individual homes.

So they decided to more than match him - Victoria put on a wedding dress, while Rob got into his DJ.

Bridgwater Mercury:

The three are part of the Together Team at Sedgemoor District Council, where Rob is the community safety manager.

They have all been working from home this week as part of the coronavirus measures introduced by the Government.

Bridgwater Mercury:

Victoria said: "We're just doing what we can to keep team morale up as we try to strategise ways to help the amazing community volunteers during this difficult time."

Bridgwater Mercury: