COMMUNITY-led housing - what is it, why do we need it, how do we do it?

A series of events in Somerset aim to answer these questions and more.

Newly-launched Wessex Community Housing Hub is holding four free events - in Wells, Taunton, Bridgwater and Seavington - to share information about community-led housing.

The aim of the Hub is to provide guidance, advice and support for groups on every stage of their community housing journey, through planning, finding a site, building or renovating, and finally moving in.

Colin McDonald, community housing adviser for the Hub, said: “Community-led housing is an approach which empowers local people to propose diverse and innovative solutions to the problems in the housing market.

"It can enable them to create homes that are truly affordable for local people, designed to complement existing buildings in the locality, on land that remains in the control of the local community, and use techniques or materials that address the climate emergency.”

The evening events, which will take place throughout March and April, will give attendees an opportunity to find out about the different models of community-led housing, and which types are suitable for their area.

At each event there will be a range of speakers, a break-out discussion, and a Q&A session at the end.

People will go away feeling inspired, with the knowledge they need to get started on a project.

The sessions are free to attend, but booking is required, which can be done online at

The Hub has been created by Wessex Community Assets, an organisation who have been working in the community housing sector for 20 years in Somerset, Dorset and Devon, and funded by the Community Led Homes Enabler Hub Grant Programme, as part of a national strategy to empower people to develop local housing solutions, partnered with regional specialists.