A BRITISH artist has created a series of breathtaking 'drawings' by walking in circles in the snow - for more than 50 miles.

Simon Beck, 61, had to battle the elements in Colorado, USA while he created the incredible patterns over a two-week period.

He produced eight in total, spending between two and six hours on each - bringing his lifetime tally up to a staggering 300.

The intricate designs - best appreciated from above - are inspired by snowflakes, crop circles and mathematical fractals.

Orienteering expert Simon also gleans ideas from famous artists such as Vincent van Gogh.

He uses sketches and a compass to measure the number of steps that will be needed before he sets out.

He then dons a pair snowshoes to create the patterns, painstakingly pacing out the giant murals.

Simon, from Taunton, said: "There were two drawings that took a day and a half to make and the first was blown away.

"And all the drawings were damaged to an extent by the wind. A quarter of my time was spent reinstating work I had done earlier."

This also means the designs only last for as long as the weather allows - often disappearing soon after completion.

Simon - who creates the patterns for both pleasure and on commission - flew out to the town of Silverthorne on January 2, returning on January 16.

Volunteers helped to pitch in at various points, pointing out if Simon was about to put a foot wrong.

His designs have titles such as 'Flower of Life', '10-Pointed Star', 'Circular Array' and 'Koch Snowflake'.