A WARTIME tragedy led to a life in teaching for one Taunton woman who has just turned 100.

Daphne, a resident at the Oak Trees care home, had more than one reason to celebrate the start of the new year as January 5 saw her reach the birthday milestone.

"She wanted to keep the celebrations relatively low key, but was greeted by plenty of well wishers from around the home," said a spokesperson from the home.

"However, there is nothing low key about receiving a card from the Queen, and Daphne took great delight in exploring its contents."

Daphne married in Penarth, Wales, at the beginning of WW2 and started a family, although her husband was shortly drafted into the Navy.

Sadly, he was killed in Italy when his ship was sunk by a mine when sailing into a surrendered Italian port.

Following these tragic events, she went to live in Bridgwater with her mother, before later remarrying.

"Together with her new husband, she moved and started a new life in South East London where they both became teachers," the spokesperson added.

"They later moved to North West London when he became a headteacher at a school in St John's Wood.

"Unable to resist the call of the South West, they moved back to Bridgwater to enjoy their retirement."

Her husband has since passed, but Daphne continues to enjoy life at Oak Trees.