A BRIDGWATER couple have started an environmentally-friendly clothing company.

Jacob Peregrine-Wheller, who is known for his two successful stints on the TV show Ninja Warrior UK, and his partner Natalie Rees wanted to create a clothing company that was ethically manufactured and started up the brand Eco Threads.

Ms Rees said: "Most fashion and clothing companies prioritise profit before fairness, so we saw the need for Eco Threads.

"Eco Threads is a company that stands against standard practices that include exploitation of cotton farmers, polluting local water resources with chemicals and toxic dyes, low wages, unsafe work conditions and child labour."

The pair wanted to create garments made entirely from recycled materials, and the company's 'Peace of Fruit' range is crafted using 40 per cent recycled plastic bottles and 60 per cent recycled organic cotton.

Mr Peregrine-Wheller added: "We made sure we covered all ethical points, including biodegradable packaging, but with the public's support we wish to develop further, including collaborating with a charity.

"We want to design a whole variety of garments, from hats to shoes."

Jacob said the inspiration for the designs would come from youth, street and sport cultures.

"For Eco Threads to develop, we had to learn how to digitally create and paint using and iPad," Natalie explained.

"Neither of us had any prior knowledge here, so we taught ourselves, which took many months.

"Once our skills level was high enough, we created approximately 10 designs, with another professional brought in to make the final amendments."

Jacob said the couple face several setbacks along the way, with digital art being deleted, printing errors and garments being out of stock.

"It took twice as long as we forecast to launch the product, but with our passion and drive we launched six items that support Indian farmers by paying a higher wage for the cotton, cutting out many middle businessmen," Jacob said.