SOMERSET Film based at the Engine Room in Bridgwater will be hosting a clothes swap in the New Year.

Visitors are invited to take loved, but hardly worn, items from your wardrobe to swap with clothes which someone else no longer need.

Bring up to five pieces of clothing or accessories from your wardrobe (cleaned and prepared) to The Engine Room, anytime from 10am Thursday, January 2 until 5pm Thursday, January 16.

For each item you bring you will be given a token to swap.

Then on Saturday, January 18 bring your tokens and swap to items others have brought in.

“The clothes swap is part of our make one change season," said Deb Richardson, producer at Somerset Film.

"By swapping clothes we already have instead of buying new items, we are not only saving money, but we are also doing our bit to look after the environment."

Email for details.