A BRIDGWATER couple have shed more than six stone and turned their health around.

Sharon Simmonite and Neil Godfrey were not in the best health.

After a routine visit to the GP, Sharon had a real scare when she was told she had a fatty liver.

Her partner, Neil had been suffering from type 2 diabetes for the past two years so they decided to confront their problems head on and signed up to their nearest Weight Watchers Studio in Street.

Mr Godfrey said: “I was absolutely petrified walking into the workshop for the first time.

"I wanted to support Shaz but I also knew I had to do it for me.

"I’ve worked for the gas board for more than 30 years and often been on 24 hour call outs.

"My typical diet was morning coffee, a bag of crisps in the day and a bottle of wine when I got home.

"My body didn’t get hungry as it was so used to the weird routine.

"If I did eat, it was convenience food or a takeaway but that’s not healthy eating in anybody’s book, so I knew I was going to have to change”.

Sharon, however, was determined.

She said: “I have a number of other debilitating conditions including fibromyalgia and I didn’t want another one to add to the list.

"Plus I wanted to be there for Neil and I felt stronger going there with his support.

"It was so rewarding when we started to see the results.

"Following the Weight Watchers programme, we started cooking together and making healthy meals from scratch – we make cottage pies and casseroles and eat three square meals a day.

"We joined in March 2019 and it only took a few months for people to start noticing the changes.

"Now we have lost more than six stone between us and the changes are amazing.”

Neil has dropped from size 40 jeans to size 34, and his shirt size has gone from 2XL to large.

"The best news is that I am no longer classed as diabetic and I don't have to take tablets for my blood pressure or cholesterol," Mr Godfrey said.

Meanwhile Sharon has had more tests and been told by her GP that her liver has gone back to normal.

Sharon added: "My confidence has improved as well as my health so WW has really helped me and Neil to turn our lives around."

Weight Watchers coach Kate Clark said: “When Shaz and Neil came through the door, I knew I could help them.

"Having lost five and a half stone with Weight Watchers myself, I understand the challenges but also know it can be done with focus and determination.

"It was brilliant to see the couple’s transformation."