BRIDGWATER’S On Your Bike charity has been targeted by callous thieves in an overnight raid.

“They did a lot of damage and took items that do not have a lot of monetary value, but are important to our work,” explained On Your Bike workshop manager Dereck Cutler.

On Your Bike is a bike shop and registered charity which trains the unemployed in its bike workshops to improve well-being and care for the environment.

The charity recently started running from Bridgwater Trinity Hall, but overnight on Thursday, thieves climbed on to the roof, and broke in to the premises after smashing a window.

Mr Cutler said: “They stole our till, computer and a phone - none of which will be worth much to them, but for us it causes huge disruption.

“There was only about £50 in the till, but we need it for our business.

“The computer has some of our customer records on and the phone being taken means our main form of communication has been taken.

“There were also a pair of suspension forks belonging to one of our customers that has been taken.

“We are a charity and it is just unbelievable that we have been targeted in this way.”

Mr Cutler said customers wanting to get hold of On Your Bike in Bridgwater could still call the team on the landline number 01278 238210.