Festive waste collections will be two days later after Christmas, including Friday collections on Sunday, and one day later after New Year, Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) has announced.

The changes to collections days include recycling and rubbish, assisted pick-ups and clinical waste.

As usual, there will be no garden waste collections from December 24 to January 3; they resume from January 6.

Key dates for kerbside collections: Usual day - Revised day

Mon 23 Dec - No change

Tue 24 Dec - No change

Wed 25 Dec - Fri 27 Dec

Thu 26 Dec - Sat 28 Dec

Fri 27 Dec - Sun 29 Dec

Mon 30 Dec - No change

Tue 31 Dec - No change

Wed 1 Jan - Thu 2 Jan

Thu 2 Jan - Fri 3 Jan

Fri 3 Jan - Sat 4 Jan

Mon 6 Jan - Usual services resume

A SWP spokesman said: “Before and after Christmas and New Year, please do not overload our vehicles or crews.

"Put excess materials from festive parties, internet deliveries and Christmas clear-ups out over time or take them all to a recycling site.”

Individual recycling site opening days vary – check details on somersetwaste.gov.uk – but the network is open every day of the year except Christmas, Boxing and New Year days.

All recycling sites will be open 9am to 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays on December 21-22 and 28-29, and January 4-5.

The SWP spokesman added that there were plenty of options for real Christmas trees to avoid them ending in costly, wasteful landfill, such as home composting, taking them to any recycling site, using a local drop-off or chipping point, and booking a charity collection.

Only Garden waste subscribers can add their undecorated tree under 6ft to their garden waste collection from January 7.

SWP has also made a number of suggestions to ensure you have a greener Christmas:

● Buy better wrapping paper. Avoid foil, plastics, holograms, glitter and miles of sticky tape in favour of – just like the song – brown paper packages tied up with string.

● Check crackers for plastic. Many shops now have plastic-free versions, or it is fun for families to make their own from a kit or by checking the net for ideas.

● Shun single-use plastic. Avoid overpackaged gift, food and decorations, such as use-once-and-break toys, and the man-made fibres in many festive jumpers.

● Cut waste with gift wish lists. And look for presents that last, are valued, and worth keeping and repairing, ideally made of natural fibres and materials.

● Decorate with natural greenery. It is compostable and beautiful. Then add child creativity, edible treats, and photos of family near and far.

● Check cupboards, fridge, freezer and drawers avoid buying too much. Start saving by eating into the freezer to clear storage. Make a meal plan, then write and keep to the shopping list.