Bill Revans, the Liberal Democrats' candidate, was formally adopted their candidate for Bridgwater and West Somerset at a meeting at Holford Village Hall, attended by members and supporters from across the constituency.

His campaign was launched by Tessa Munt, the candidate and former MP for Wells constituency.

Bill is an experienced local councillor, serving the North Petherton community for 14 years.

He has worked in local secondary schools as a history teacher for 22 years, mostly at East Bridgwater Community School, stopping when his late wife became unwell.

His family are local, living for many years in Goathurst. His father was an engineer at British Cellophane and his mother was a school cook.

Councillor Revans said at the meeting: “My message is simple - we need to stop Brexit.

"Brexit will make our area poorer and threatening local jobs.

"Local agriculture, manufacturing and tourism will be especially at risk.

"This will make investing in our local services like the NHS and education harder.

"It will also make tackling the climate emergency change much more difficult.

"The Bridgwater area is on the front line of climate change and would be inundated by rising sea levels if we don’t act now.”

“Just as I have been as a local teacher and councillor, I will be a hard-working, caring local MP for our area."