ENJOY country music from Katy Hurt next week, as she performs at the home of Glastonbury Festival.

Katy is one of those rare talents that can write and perform with equal impact. Her 2019 single Revved Up has encouraged her latest tour.

Roland Monger, Music Blogger, said: “Hurt’s voice takes Dolly Parton’s twang and Beth Ditto’s soul, wraps it all up in a basket with a bow before setting fire to it and leaving it on your door step.”

Steeped in country roots, but never one to simply yield to the traditional Nashville sound, Katy stretches the country music genre in exciting new directions.

Haunting blues vocals, towering country rock guitars, even a reggae vibe can be found in her live performances.

This year Katy has performed in excess of 100 shows across two UK tours, as well as international dates in Canada, the US and the Caribbean.

She toured earlier this year with Gangstagrass, the ground-breaking New York band who created the unlikely bluegrass/hip-hop fusion.

Katy was invited as a guest on Geoff Lloyd’s Saturday morning show on Radio 5.

Katy Hurt will be performing on The Pilton Stage in Pilton on November 10.

To find out more or to book tickets visit www.katyhurt.com