Sedgemoor District Council Weekly List of applications registered between 24/10/2019 and 30/10/2019

A summary of the applications is contained in this list, for a more detailed view of individual applications or to view the associated electronic documentation go to

Ashcott: 01/19/00023 Mr & Mrs Butcher, 15 Station Road, Ashcott, Bridgwater, Erection of a two storey and single storey extension to the side south elevation and formation of access.

Axbridge: 02/19/00015 Stonewater (2) Limited, Mendip View, Cheddar Road, Axbridge, Application to vary the S106 agreement dated 29 June 2018 between Sedgemoor District Council and Carla Jayne Clarke, Matthew James Lertoria Clarke, Craig Norton and Jane Maskell to amend the mortgage release and the release for those that have staircased to 100% equity; 02/19/00017 Mrs Hill, Morecombe House, St Marys Street, Axbridge, Fell 1 mimosa tree in rear garden of Morecombe House St Marys Street, Axbridge.

Bridgwater: 08/19/00169 Mr Vaughan, 16 Crowpill Lane, Bridgwater, Erection of 2 storey attached Coachhouse over existing parking spaces; 08/19/00170 Mr Copp, 25 Rosary Drive, Bridgwater, Erection of a two storey extension to the side north elevation; 08/19/00180 Insite Poster Properties Ltd, Land to the east side of The Mercure Hotel, 66 Eastover, Bridgwater, Display of internally illuminated digital advertising display; 08/19/00178 Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Authority, Bridgwater Fire Station, Salmon Parade, Bridgwater, Alterations to fenestration to include the formation of one new window opening to side (South) elevation; 08/19/00182 Mr Davies, 48 Camden Road, Bridgwater, Application for Prior Approval of the erection of a single storey extension, extending 4.2m from the rear east elevation; 08/19/00185 Ms Upham, 8 Castle Street, Bridgwater, Reduce lateral (secondary) growth of Sweet Chestnut over hanging building by 1.5 metres. Crown lift rest of crown to give clearance of 4.5 metres from ground level removing secondary growth only; 08/19/00187 Aldi Stores Ltd, Land At, Northgate, Bridgwater, Lime (T004) Crown lift removing lowest limb over road, lowest limb over Chalice Mews touching roof& two secondary branches over footpath to North. Lime (T005) Remove 2 lower limbs over hanging foot path, prune limbs over roof by 0.5m to give 1m clearance; 08/19/00183 Mr Davies, 4 Eastover, Bridgwater, Display of 1no. non-illuminated fascia sign and 1no. non-illuminated projecting sign.

Broomfield: 10/19/00006 EE Limited, Land To The West Of, Owls Hill Barn, Broomfield Road, Broomfield, Prior notification of proposed erection of 15m nonopole equipped with 3 No. antennas, 3 No. MHAs and 2 No. 300mm dishes. Erection of 1 No. meter cabinet and 3 No. equipment cabinets. Formation of 25m access track.

Burnham & Highbridge: 11/19/00108 Mr & Mrs Pomeroy, 42 Steart Close, Burnham On Sea, Erection of a single extension to the side and rear elevations. Erection of a detached garage; 11/19/00106 Mrs Miller, 30 Highbridge Road, Burnham On Sea, Subdivide existing property into 2 No. two bedroom dwellings and erection of a single storey extension to side (North East) elevation. Alterations to fenestration and widening of existing shared access; 11/19/00107 Radstock Co-operative Society, Morland Cooperative, Tanning Drive, Highbridge, Display of 2 No. externally illuminated fascia signs to north and east elevations and full colour printed vinyl graphics on windows of north elevation; 11/19/00105 Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, Ben Travers Way, Burnham On Sea, Display of 1 No. LCD media screen and 3 No. non illuminated flag pole signs; 11/19/00101 Greene King Brewing and Retailing Ltd, The Rosewood, Love Lane, Burnham On Sea, Rebuilding and repairs to public house/restaurant following fire, to include a new roof, new kitchen ventilation/extraction system in roof space, retention of freezer/refrigeration pod to west elevation, replacement smoking shelter, installation of timber cladding and other associated works.

Cannington: 13/19/00048 Mr Jowett, 14 Rydon Crescent, Cannington, Bridgwater, Erection of front porch and single storey and two storey extensions to side and rear elevations. Installation of dormer window to front elevation to accommodate second floor.

Cheddar: 17/19/00074 Mr Saunders, Cheddar Head Farm, Roemead Road, Priddy, Cheddar, Demolition of existing barn and garage. Erection of a two-storey extension and single storey extensions to rear West elevation and a porch to front East elevation; 17/19/00092 Mrs King, Penstone Farm, The Lippiatt, Cheddar, Conversion of an existing agricultural barn into a residential dwelling and upgrading of an existing field entrance.

Chilton Trinity: 20/19/00004 Mr Popham, Chilton Farm, Church Street, Chilton Trinity, Bridgwater, Variation of Condition 2 and Removal of Condition 3 of Planning Permission 20/17/00011 (Change of use and conversion of barn to form a dwelling and associated access and parking) to change window opening in courtyard to doors and retain window to SE corner sheduled to be blocked up. Submission of bat license.

Cossington: 22/19/00010 Miss Powell, 11 Park Close, Cossington, Bridgwater, Erection of a single storey extension to side west and rear north elevation (part retrospective).

Durleigh: 23/19/00009 Mr Mitchell, 14 Cothelstone Close, Durleigh, Application for the Prior Approval of the erection of a single storey extension, extending 5.8m from the side west elevation; 23/19/00010 Messrs Bell, Floodgates Farm, Rhode Lane, Durleigh, Bridgwater, Application for the Prior Approval of the proposed change of use of Agricultural Building to 5 No. Dwelling and associated operational development

East Brent: 24/19/00028 Mr & Mrs Osborne, 15 Red House Road, East Brent, Highbridge, Application for the Prior Approval of the erection of a single storey extension, extending 5.1m from the rear west elevation.

North Petherton: 37/19/00106 Mr & Mrs Watson, 23 Old Road, North Petherton, Bridgwater, Erection of single storey extension to rear (south east) elevation on site of existing utility room and conservatory to be demolished. Conversion of loft space to habitable accommodation including formation of rooflights to front and rear elevations. External alterations and widening of existing access and driveway.

Wedmore: 50/19/00122 Warren-Smith, Tanglewood, Plud Street, Wedmore, Crown lift T1 Sycamore to a height of 3 metres from ground level; 50/19/00118 Mr & Mrs Frost, The Elms, Crib House Lane, Crickham, Wedmore, Replace windows and patio doors.