AN art prize aimed at awarding those who put in the least amount of effort is open for entries from tomorrow (November 1).

The legendary Turnip Prize competition - which recognises works of art that involve absolutely no effort - is welcoming entries at its home, The New Inn, in Wedmore.

Would-be non-artists have until Thursday, November 21, to submit their efforts.

Preliminary judging will then take place on November 24, with the winner announced on December 3, when they will receive the prestigious Turnip Prize - a turnip mounted on a six-inch nail.

Last year, the Turnip Prize was awarded to a 69-year-old artist known as Stroke Me for his work entitled “Collywobbles” (A Collie Dog on top of a Jelly).

The award was made in front of a packed art-loving audience.

Organiser Trevor Prideaux said then: “I am delighted with the lack of effort taken to create this work”.

Stroke Me, a lavatory attendant from Wedmore, added: “My inspiration came from watching my girlfriend eat jelly.

“In recent years I have unsuccessfully entered this competition and was beginning to think that my lack of effort was going down the pan, but now feel completely flushed at winning.

"I donate this award to all of the lavatory attendants around the UK who are suffering through austerity by having their hours slashed.”

Trevor added: “This year’s (2018) event attracted a total of 90 entries.

"It’s fantastic that Stroke Me has won, he clearly has what it takes to be recognised in modern art circles and will be remembered in art history for no time at all.”

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Bridgwater Mercury:

WINNER: Stroke Me with his piece and his prize