LEGENDARY folk band Fairport Convention will be performing at Bridgwater Arts Centre on Wednesday, October 9.

Fairport Convention are often credited with being the first English electric folk band.

They hold a coveted BBC Lifetime Achievement Award and their groundbreaking album 'Liege & Lief' was voted 'Most Influential Folk Album Of All Time' by Radio 2 listeners.

Fairport Convention features Simon Nicol on guitar and vocals, Dave Pegg on bass guitar, Chris Leslie on fiddle, mandolin and vocals, Ric Sanders on violin and Gerry Conway on drums and percussion.

"I know that at some point in the individual lives and experiences of our fans, something Fairport has done has reached into them and made an impact and a connection,” says founding member Simon Nicol.

“They may have nothing else at all in common, but at our gigs we are at the centre of their personal Venn diagram.”

Tickets cost £25 each and it is recommend to book early to avoid disappointment by calling 01278 422700.