EMILY Scialom, author of The Religion of Self Enlightenment, has released her second novel, The Rivers.

The rivers of Cam and the Thames flow freely through Cambridge and London, as do the lives of this plethora of characters.

While Elizabeth Dalston and John Cross form a loving marriage a sea of alternative romantic dynamics emerges from the chaos of 21st century Britain. Amidst a backdrop of philosophic and emotional turmoil, these two lovers manage to explore the depths of their love in its wildest form.

Emily recently visited Glastonbury and sold some copies of her first book, The Religion of Self Entitlement, and she will be making several trips to Glastonbury in the new year to sell both her books.

The Rivers will feature in next years’ London book fair as part of the Austin Macauley New Titles Showcase.

For more information visit emilyscialom.com