PLANS to transport nuclear waste through Bridgwater to Hinkley Point have been rejected by Somerset County Council.

Bridgwater councillors Leigh Redman, Dave Loveridge and Brian Smedley were joined by Bridgwater & District Civic Society spokesman and former town clerk Alan Hurford to present a case to the Somerset County Council committee saying allowing the move would set a dangerous precedent of waste being brought in to the Hinkley site.

Hinkley A owners Magnox applied for permission to transport a number of skips containing intermediate radioactive waste from Dungeness, Sizewell and Oldbury, through Bridgwater to their site at Hinkley Point, for processing and long-term storage.

At the meeting Cllr Leigh Redman highlighted: "Back in 2005 this council agreed to allow two buildings to be built on the A station site.

"It clearly states in the 2005 decision: 'There shall be no radioactive waste imported from outside Hinkley A site; and only the waste that is in situ within the Hinkley A station shall be stored on the site.

"What has changed? The answer is easy - nothing."

Cllr Brian Smedley said Bridgwater Town Council was concerned about the distance being covered when there were other potential sites closer to the points of origin; as well as the lack of detail about the environmental implications of the move.

"Crucially this application provides no economic, social or environmental benefits to Bridgwater and the surrounding area.

"So, do we have to simply, and yet again - with no by-pass provision for our town - have to agree to these demonstrably unsafe loads going right through our town and past our houses?"

The committee rejected the Magnox application, stating there was a lack of need to change from the original conditions set out in 2005.

Despite interjections from Magnox representatives and County Council legal officers, the vote was unanimous and cross-party to turn down the proposals for nuclear waste to travel from other sites through Bridgwater to be disposed of at Hinkley Point.