A BUSINESSWOMAN is leaving the corporate world behind and rediscovering her entrepreneurial skills to set up a pet sitting business in Bridgwater and surrounding areas.

Debbie Lumsden-Cole, from Woolavington, has had a wide and varied career including publishing, magazine director, ice cream producer and in HR specialist services, but has ignored her desire to work with animals until now.

“I have always had a passion for animals but I’ve never done anything about it, because of money constraints, bills and so on,” she said.

“But I’ve decided that it’s now or never to do something that I love, that will give me more satisfaction such as taking care of animals for pet owners.

"It is a great reason to get out of bed in the morning. I don’t want to jump through hoops for anyone by going through another recruitment process, which is why I’ve chosen to work for myself instead.”

Growing up in Australia Debbie kept lots of pets: guinea pigs, rabbits, cats and dogs. She even managed to tame a wild budgerigar who she named Percy.

Previously, she had a Great Dane called Wooster after the PG Wodehouse character who lived until he was 13, and is now the owner of two 16-month-old Siamese Tortie cats, sisters Celeste and Star.

“Pets bring a different quality to our lives, they are a gift,” Debbie said. “My cats are very interactive and intelligent; they really respond to you.

“I think all pets respond to love, kindness, fun and respect, they are like a mirror, they reflect what they are given – just like we do.

"If you show them love and kindness that’s the behaviour you’ll receive back.

"It’s really important for them to trust you, that’s why I’m studying animal psychology as well so I can support my clients and provide additional reassurances when they can’t be available for their animals all the time.”

Bridgwater Mercury:

By establishing Pet Sitting Bridgwater - www.petsittingbridgwater.co.uk - Debbie is finally swapping the rat race for a dog walk in the park.

“I am looking forward to running my own business again. I’ve done it before publishing property and business magazines,” she added.

“While I lived in Senegal I even made and sold my own ice cream to restaurants, because I didn’t like what was available. I bought a recipe book and didn’t hesitate to start making my own and selling it locally.”