SOMERSET'S Rosie stepped up her game last night in the latest instalment of the Great British Bake Off.

All three of her bakes received fair feedback, with two getting special attention. She was in the running for 'star baker', but missed out to geography teacher Alice who wowed the judged with her bakes.

First up the bakers had to make a chocolate-coated biscuit for the signature bake.

Vet Rosie Brandreth-Poynter, from Shepton Beauchamp near Ilminster, opted for a virgin Mojito biscuit bar - featuring white chocolate, mint and lime.

Chatting with Noel, she recounted a rather unappetising anecdote about pulling a worm from the tear duct of her horse.

Even the experienced vet said it was 'so gross'.

Noel said: "Goodness, this is horrific."

To which Rosie replied: "This is my life".

But that didn't stop her concentration to create a delicious bake.

As soon as Rosie's treats were ready to present, she was off to a good start.

"They look absolutely magnificent," said Prue.

"Beautifully feathered."

"I love that - it's not too sweet."

Bridgwater Mercury:

DELICIOUS: Rosie's Mojito biscuit bars

Paul Hollywood himself also gave the chocolate bars a high score.

He said: "I think the balance between the lime and the mint is perfect, the biscuit is beautiful.

"I think it's delicious."

Prue also added Rosie had created 'beautiful' biscuits during the challenge that was heavily focused on the biscuit layer of their creations.

Other top creations came from Michelle who created 'exquisite' Bakewell bars, and Alice with her New Zealand inspired peanut and honeycomb biscuit bars.

Next was the technical challenge, which saw the bakers recreate Paul Hollywood's dad's favourite biscuit - the fig roll.

Rosie came a respectable fifth as many bakers struggled to get their rolls right.

Alice scored the top spot with her 'near perfect' biscuits.

Then came the show stoppers - and Rosie's biscuit recreation of her favourite chicken, which recently escaped a fox attack, wowed Paul from the off.

Bridgwater Mercury:

IMPRESSIVE: Rosie's chicken

"That's highly impressive, Rosie" he said.

"It looks incredible."

Prue added the bake was 'stunning'.

Her only let down was a slightly soft ginger bread.

Bridgwater Mercury:

HARD WORK: A stressed Rosie after finishing her show-stopping chicken 

Paul added: "The ginger bread is soft, which is a shame, it needed a little bit longer in the oven.

"It's fascinating what you've done. I think artistically it is fantastic."

Prue added: "The whole composition is a triumph."

Alice again wowed the judges with her macaroon sheep, and Helena redeemed herself after a shocking technical challenge with her impressive spider and egg creation.

When it came time to discuss star baker, the four of them started off discussions with 'what about that chicken' - a nod to Rosie's bake.

"Rosie's doing well actually," Paul said.

"I think overall there's some people who really excelled."

Rosie, David and Alice were in the line up for star baker, but Alice's impressive show in all three of her bakes ultimately scored her the top spot.

When it came down to who was going home, there was speculation over Amelia or Jamie, but ultimately the young man's performance over the last two epsiodes meant he would be packing up his backing equipment and leaving the tent. 

Catch up with the latest episode of the Great British Bake Off on 4oD and watch next week's episode, 'bread week', at 8pm on Tuesday evenings on Channel 4.