SEASON ticket holders in Sedgemoor car parks will be going paperless later this month.

For many years, Sedgemoor District Council has offered season tickets for its long-stay car parks, with those purchasing them enjoying the benefit of discounted parking without the need to buy a ticket each day.

From Tuesday August 27, buyers of a new season ticket will receive a virtual permit rather than a paper permit.

Under the system, parking officers check a central database to see if the car is permitted to park in a particular car park.

"There will be no need to display a paper permit and therefore no risk of losing the permit or forgetting to place it in the windscreen," said a Sedgemoor District Council spokesperson.

"Customers can change their vehicle details on-line so the virtual permit can be used for any number of cars but will only be valid for one vehicle at a time.

"The scheme operates on-line through the MiPermit system. Customers may also apply by telephone rather than online if they wish."

Existing permit holders should continue to display their permit until it expires.

Full details will be available via from Tuesday, August 27.